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The Best Rug Cleaning Company in Loma, CO

Did you know that rugs have an impact on your health? By collecting dust, bacteria, and allergens, Rugs continuously serve as filters in your home. In the end, this affects the air you breathe! Your area rugs need proper treatment to achieve maximum function, handled by a professional company specializing in hand-washing.

While regular vacuuming and spot cleaning spills are important, these methods are only sufficient for keeping the surface of your carpets cleaned. Chemical cleaners can damage the delicate fibers in your rug and steam cleaning often fails to remove deep particles and penetrated stains. Professional deep cleaning is the only guaranteed method to remove the dirt and abrasive particles that eventually wear down and destroy hand woven carpets. We use an exclusive eight step cleaning process that leaves your area rug clean, fresh, and sanitary that no other cleaning method can.

Quality & Friendly Rug Cleaning Services in Loma

Hand-woven rugs will endure the ravages of time with regular care and maintenance.  When cared for properly they can become treasured family heirlooms passed from generation to generation. Optimal regular maintenance includes light vacuuming and sweeping, small spills can be spot cleaned and blotted with club soda, but annual washing of your rug is imperative. Use Durango Rug Company because we are experienced and specialize in rug cleaning services.

Hand Knotted Rugs | Rug Cleaning in Loma, CO (5786)

Wherever you live, you will always be surrounded by dirt and dust. Dust particles can be quickly absorbed and trapped in your area rugs. The more you allow this dust to be absorbed, the worse your rugs will become overtime, which in-turn leads to a lower shelf life, and (not to mention), a decrease in your living areas overall hygiene. There are various ways to clean your rugs, but you should have them cleaned at the very least, once a year.

About Durango Rug Company

We have been providing exquisite hand-made rugs from around the world since 1985.  We now bring our expertise and knowledge about all types of rugs and their care, to Durango with our new showroom located at 747 Main Ave Durango, CO.
Our cleaning process is the most effective method of removing contaminants from your area rugs including: pet odors, pet urine, dirt, sand, dust mites, allergens, and most food & drink stains.
We also have the largest selection of hand-made rugs in the Four Corners. In addition to traditional Oriental designs we have a variety of designs from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Iran. We have also developed an exclusive line of hand woven rugs (which honor traditional Navajo designs) with durable construction meant for daily use, at an affordable price.
Visit​​​​ our showroom today and find a perfect rug for your home!​

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