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Handmade Rugs For Sale Near Silverton, Colorado, 81433

When you come to Durango Rug Company looking for your next favorite area rug for your Silverton, CO home, you can rest assured that you will always be receiving a high-quality and unique handmade rug that will leave you wondering why you didn't come in sooner. Compared to the many machine-made rug options out there today, the area rug specialists here at Durango Rug Company use the most intricate and precise techniques to provide you with a well designed and well functioning rug that you will love.

Handmade Rugs | Rug Store in Silverton, CO (8291)

There are three main types of handmade Oriental rugs: knottedtufted, and hooked. Here at Durango Rug Company, we provide our customers with a wide variety of options, allowing them to pick whichever style of handmade rugs best fits their needs, budget, and desires. Whether you're looking for a knotted, tufted, or hooked rug, come on in to our store or call us today at (970) 442-8507. Even if you're unsure exactly what you want, we can help you brainstorm and make the most informed decision possible.

Area Rugs For Sale Near Silverton, Colorado, 81433

There are many reasons why using an area rug in your family or living room can be a great idea. Area rugs can provide you with a better sense of comfort, style, warmth, and can bring a whole new decorative appeal to your home. These will serve as the floor's artwork and build a frame where furniture can be positioned and spaces identified.

Area Rugs | Rug Store in Silverton, CO (9863)

Area rugs have advantages to wall-to-wall carpeting since they are easier to wash, and if you get sick of the feel, it is easier to switch off an area rug and substitute it with something different. While there are lots of choices in the field of rugs, when using them, there are some factors to take into account. Here at name1, we have the perfect option for you. It's just a matter of helping you find it. So come on in or give us a call today at phone1.

Persian Rugs For Sale Near Silverton, Colorado

Over 2,500 years ago, the art of carpet weaving in Iran (Persia) originated. Originally, Persian carpets and rugs were woven as necessities to cover the floors of nomadic tribesmen, providing them with shelter from cold and humidity. Throughout the centuries of peace, following invasion, and war, the inevitable evolution of the skills and crafts involved in creating such pieces of art have been handed passed down through generations. The variety of patterns and designs grew as international trade developed.

Persian Rugs | Rug Store in Silverton, CO (8429)

Having a Persian rug to add a little bit of spice to your Silverton, CO, 81433 home's decor would not only look beautiful, but would also be making a major statement about your sense of style. Thankfully, here at Durango Rug Company, we are experts on the subject of persian rugs and can provide you with a superior product that will exceed your wildest expectations and fit within your budget as well. If you'd like to learn more about our selection of Persian rugs, feel free to come on in to our store or call us anytime at (970) 442-8507 to learn more or get your questions answered by caring and knowledgeable area rug professionals near Silverton, CO.

Modern & Contemporary Rugs For Sale Near Silverton, CO, 81433

When you walk into Durango Rug Company for the first time and share that you are hunting for a new rug, a design specialist will likely ask, "What style are you looking for?" One of the most common responses we get to this question is 'Modern'. Thankfully, if you're looking for a beautiful modern and contemporary rug for your home in Silverton, CO, 81433, you'll be coming to the right place. That being said, though, contemporary rugs can cover a wide variety of different styles and designs. Because we have such a wide variety of rugs to choose from at Durango Rug Company, you should be able to find the perfect choice of rugs in no time.

Contemporary Rugs | Rug Store in Silverton, CO (6462)

Contemporary designs of rug are usually distinguished by clear contrasts, bold color uses, and elements of geometric or free-form nature. By and wide, they look like the rug below, architecturally and modernly. Nevertheless, contemporary rugs may have retro designs. Such styles are usually parallels to the periods of art deco and arts and crafts. In other words, whereas a contemporary design may nod to the past, a contemporary rug's look and feel is very different from traditional style which entirely aims at the past.

Traditional Rugs For Sale Near Silverton, Colorado, 81433

Through nature, traditional designs are depictions of modern-day European and Asian styles that are time-honored. In some cases, even the very same design used for countless generations can be the model of a typical rug in your Silverton, CO home! Modern rugs tend to be considered formal; but, in informal living spaces, such as dens or game rooms, they may definitely be at home. And their designs more often than not include specific aspects: floral as well as other complex patterns, outlines, and core brooches in shapes such as diamonds, equilaterals, and hexagons. The above and below pictures are fantastic examples.

Traditional Rugs | Rug Store in Silverton, CO (2215)

Popular types of rug, soumaks, dhurries, and kilims typically contain components of traditional designs here at Durango Rug Company. They usually have complex, complex patterns and have central medallions or shapes. Many in the rug world would, however, classify these rugs as "tribal" in style, as well as rugs with a southwestern design. The image below shows a pattern that could be described as more traditional than tribal. When you're ready to take the leap into buying a beautiful rug for your home in Silverton, CO, 81433, give us a call at (970) 442-8507 or stop in to our showroom to get started!

Tribal Rugs For Sale Near Silverton

Tribal rugs are migratory or quasi-nomadic tribal weavers ' rugs. The most commonly associated tribal people with knitting rugs were the Turkmen, the Belouch, the Sunnis, the Qashqai, just to name a few. In comparison to the rectilinear and decorative motifs of city rugs, tribal rugs are identifiable by their more angular motifs. Here at Durango Rug Company, in addition to offering a wide variety of different tribal rug styles, we have developed an exclusive line of hand woven rugs which honor traditional Navajo designs, at an affordable price and durable construction meant for daily use.

Tribal Rugs | Rug Store in Silverton, CO (1392)

As far as tribal rugs are concerned, they are considered beautiful and skillfully hand-knotted carpets made in different countries by nomadic tribes. Tribal rugs convey a symbolic meaning because they represent worldwide cultures and a form of multi-dimensional art that defines the art of rug making. These tribal rugs have different designs and usually show beauty in their simplest forms. Tribal rugs make really good flooring pieces for children, families and living rooms as an outstanding alternative for both conventional and transitory rugs in Silverton homes.

Hand Knotted Rugs For Sale Near Silverton, Colorado

A hand-knotted rug, also known as an Oriental rug in many cases, is a hand-crafted rug on a handmade loom. The manufacturing process of a hand-knotted rug is extremely taxing, which is why we work long and tirelessly to create the best possible products for our customers in Silverton, Colorado, 81433. The process itself allows the weaver to insert and tie knots into the rug by hand. To retain the quality and beauty of the rugs, a considerable amount of consideration is poured into our weaver's technique here at Durango Rug Company. Thanks to this careful design, hand-knotted rugs are often going to last for centuries compared to hand-tufted and machine-made rugs.

Hand Knotted Rugs | Rug Store in Silverton, CO (5110)

Hand-knotted rugs are like a piece of art work — so much attention is put into their construction and design when they're made by our area rug experts. Because Hand-knotted rugs are not made in bulk, each is unique and directly represents the creative design of the weaver. Each and every hand-knotted rug we sell is completely unique, there are never two of the same rugs. Such rugs are often very valuable and can be passed from generation to generation — a value of heirloom that is seldom found in any material category.

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