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A regular vacuuming is certainly a good idea, but even the best vacuum can't do what a professional cleaning with specialized equipment can do. And if you (oops!) used a carpet shampoo machine on an area rug, it may have gotten a little cleaner, but the shampoo residue may have caused it to get dirty even faster than the first time! 

But even more important than the dirt you can't see are the abrasive granules that have worked their way into the very heart of the weave. We use a special vibration system to remove this destructive material as our very first step in the process.

We're glad to quote you a price based on the size and type of rug - just ask! Call us for pickup and delivery options.

Free Estimates on Rug Repairs

Whether it's just a snagged thread or a major breakdown, just bring your rug in and let us give you the answers to two very important questions:

Can you repair it?
How much will it cost?